The First Film The Elevator

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The first film The Elevator depicts the story of a man who can’t seem to have a safe elevator ride. At first, he is in danger of the elevator falling as more and more people began to enter. He is scared so he leaves the elevator in fear of it falling due to the weight of the people inside. So, he leaves and goes into the next elevator which is filled with patients of swine flu. He can’t have a nice, peaceful and safe elevator ride in the end. It’s somewhat a comedy and in the end, it shows that in life you won’t always get what you want, and things don’t happen the way you would like. One element of mise-en-scene that I would like to show that was present in the film was the use of the costumes. The main character was dressed in dark clothing, especially his shirt which was all black.

In contrast the other characters that entered the elevator wore bright colorful clothing. They kind of stood out in the elevator while the main character clothes blended in with the background and only his face were visible. This use of color and costume shows that the other characters have an open-minded attitude and they aren’t really worried about the weight capacity of the elevator. While the main character is thinking close-minded and kind of thinking dark (the worst) about the situation and ends up leaving the elevator.

Now in terms of props and makeup you can tell that the main character is middle class because he is well groomed, has an expensive phone (at the time), and he has professionally casual clothing. He judgment towards the other characters makes him be of higher status because of the way he is looking down upon them.

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