The Features of Faithful Womens’ Life

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There are a myriad of women, all different ages, who are exceptional leaders. They are especially leaders in the sense of their teachings of how to live life filled with faith and love. Two notable women who lead their lives with God include Mary Magdalene and Lady Gaga.

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For instance, Mary Magdalene appears in the bible multiple times as an extraordinary woman who gives up her life to love and praise Jesus. In the bible, she is portrayed crying over Jesus’s tomb and at his crucifixion. She was one of the women who witnessed the angel who told her that Jesus had risen. She was a profound follower of Jesus who is also remembered by kissing his feet and washing them. Many people are most surprised to learn that nowhere in the Bible is Mary Magdalene described as a prostitute. However although not written in scripture, the reputation does have church support. Pope Gregory I delivering a sermon that technically stated that Mary Magdalene probably had that job. Indeed, then Mary has more often than not been represented as a prostitute who gave up her awful ways to follow the savior, Jesus.

This sometimes allows a powerful positive effect on women and the image of God being forgiving. Regarding Mary’s time period, her personal life did fit the time era however once she followed Jesus she was known as a radical. We can learn from Mary Magdalene that Jesus always gives peace of love. We must remember to be persistent in faith no matter what sins have occurred and we can learn to spread the gospel. One contemporary leader that reflects Mary’s actions would be Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga is similar to Mary Magdalene through numerous aspects of her life. One example of this is her persistence of faith. Lady Gaga grew up very Catholic and seemed to have always kept that close to her heart. She has always preached the word of God to her friends and fanbase, no matter what others thought of her, especially paparazzi or news crews. This is similar to Mary following Jesus no matter what everyone thought of her.

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