The Evolution of Hip Hop

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Hip-hop music has worked its way into modern day pop culture for the last two decades and has taken the world by storm with its ability to create a subculture, work its way into politics, and has become hip-hop as we know it today. There are many positives and negatives that are involved with hip-hop and its culture. Hip Hop itself has become more and more common within our pop culture and social media giving a heavy influence on the younger generation.

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The hip-hop industry has given opportunities to those who might be less fortunate, shedding light on the way the other half of society lived as far as seeing only high-class black and white celebrities showed to the media.

Hip-hop has impacted the world because it plays a role in many lives. Hip-hop is still the future of the music world and with hip-hop there have been fewer incidents in the world like from killings, or a star in the hip-hop industry has gone to play a huge role in movies to fulfill a role in showing the young in the world that anything is possible and you can make your life what you want to make it. These stars have shown that it’s possible to live out your dreams from being a kid, and it can make all things possible when you have an opportunity. What most hip-hop artists don’t see is that they are role models to the future generations and if you are causing trouble in the world people will sometimes see that as okay. If people see a famous artist who they listen to rob somebody or if they are involved in a shooting they are gonna think it is okay to be apart of gang violence and see it as, ‘oh, my favorite rapper got out of the case so I can get out of it’. The thing is these rappers or artists have money and the young listeners don’t see that as a factor. Teenagers want to be just like their role models but don’t have the sources too. Artists need to come out and say that what they do is their real life and do not want the young to follow in the wrong steps just in case they do screw up their lives in the long run. The various artists tell you only the luxurious things they have gained from their success in the hip-hop industry. One mistake and someone ‘s life might be over, that includes going to jail for life or death. Some artists are known for their music of course but are also known for drugs, shootings, theft or some type of fraud. These are some examples of following in the steps of an artist that shouldn’t be followed and this is why these rappers do not want the young to follow in their steps.

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