The Epic of Gilgamesh & Ancient Mesopotamian

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In terms of religion, the epic tells us that the Mesopotamian people are polytheistic; they believed each of the gods to be the supreme authorities of their respective domains. They also saw them as their protectors which can be seen at the very beginning of the tale when they cry to the gods about their problem with Gilgamesh as a ruler effectively asking for help. Because they looked to the gods for protection one can infer they were deeply religious; much like the religions of today, people will be loyal to whichever god they feel will protect them evil during their lives..

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Although there is not much said in the way of gender roles in ancient Mesopotamia, they seemed to be believers in autonomy, as evidenced by one of their main grievances of Gilgamesh; he was indiscriminately raping of Uruk’s women without regard to their virginity or marital status – basically, the women had no choice. The people of Mesopotamia ultimately wanted to live in peace and harmony under a king who genuinely cared about their wellbeing instead of his own. When complaining about Gilgamesh they remark that a king should be somewhat of a shepherd to his people which indicates they would like their king to be guiding and nurturing to them, as a shepherd is someone who raises and cares for sheep.

Discussion Response

This is an articulate and well-thought response. I would agree that the people of Uruk favored civilization over wilderness as evidenced by the Mesopotamian people and their desires for the type of king they’d like,

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