The Environment Was Dark

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As children in this time period, we consider school as our job. We go there for 8 hours every day and do classwork. Imagine our school was rarely cleaned and has no heat or air conditioning. We would be miserable. This is how women and children felt during the Industrial Revolution. They also had to struggle with how the workplace owners treated them. Everything was unsanitary and unsafe for everyone. After all that happened during the Industrial Revolution, factories horrible conditions and affected women and children in many ways.To begin, factory conditions during the Industrial Revolution were not pretty.

The environment was dark, dirty, full of smoke from many machines, and not safe. Since the rooms were so small, with so many people in it, diseases spread rapidly. This also caused many deaths due to their lack of medicine (Poddar). This was a problem to workplace owners because they would rather pay people wages than pay their medical bills. Many workers developed deformities, such as lung diseases and eye problem, due to the lack of sunlight, physical activity, lack of education, and an excessive amount of dirt and dust from the machines (Hon). The air wasnt good for the workers, but neither was the temperature. Factories did not have heating or cooling, so they had to deal with the temperatures outside.

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If it was cold outside, the workers would freeze. If it was hot outside, the workers would melt. They couldnt even open windows due to the fact that the threads didnt work well when the wind blew (Female Worker of Lowell). This means that no matter what it was like,

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