The End Of African Slavery

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After the Revolutionary War the young United States of America was looking to change its ways. As a now independent Nation they looked to set their own identity. One of the things they did was in 1807 they ended what was known as the African Slave Trade. The end of the African Slave Trade was unknowingly the first step towards the American Civil War.

With the discovery of the new world all kinds of people traveled to the new Colonies in hopes of prosperity. One of the ways the found they were able to do this was setting up farms and growing tobacco. Tobacco was the number one product coming out of the southern states. Initially the large planters used indentured servants to tend to the fields. Between the 1650s and 1680s servants continued to be imported at the rate of some 1,000 per year. (Mitchell, 1983) As the servants would work and pay off their debt to the large planters they would earn their freedom yet find that jobs were tough to find.

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There were few opportunities in the area and they found themselves serving as domestic servants and tradesman. Others were able to become middle planters working mostly for the large planters. As Englands employment opportunities increased, servants became less available and the planters began to shift from servants towards slavery. As tobacco continued to be the main source of trade for the large planters and with a rapid reduction of indentured servants, the Chesapeake society shifted to slavery. The colonies began using the well-established African Slave Trade.

Prior to the Revolutionary War Great Britain imported African Slaves primarily through the Royal Africa Company. This was an enormous revenue generator for Great Britain, as they taxed all imported slaves to the new Colonies. As the years went on the Colonies would use their own taxe policy to regulate the amount of slaves in their area.

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