The Effects that Gun Violence has on The Community and The People

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Gun violence has had a highly negative impact in America, and has had an even greater impact on cities, communities, and individuals. The rising violent actions with guns have caused an increase of fear and deaths nationwide. My research shows the effects that gun violence has on the community and the people.

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One does not have to be older in years to be affected by the violence around them nor to detect it. Teens all around California answer the questions: Should stricter gun laws be put into place? Have you or anyone you know every been affected by gun violence? Do you know what steps to take to put stricter gun laws into place?, and had a consensus throughout all of the questions. Gun violence is created when people commit crimes with a use of gun and hurt others. There appears to be a variety of steps one can take for the diminishment of gun violence.

Keywords: guns, violence, shots, death, injuries, California, Salinas, America

Gun Violence and its Effects

In Salinas, California, USA, and all around the world, gun violence has taken a toll on the daily lives of everyday people. Nobody is safe, no matter where he or she goes because gun violence can follow people into the most unsuspecting places. Even in dangerous neighborhoods, schools are thought to be one of the safest places for a person to be, especially during school hours. Every hour on school grounds there seems to be more than 2,000 confrontations that once ended with scratches and bruises that are now resulting in gunshot wounds and even death (Farrington, 1998). Gun violence can lead to drastic changes for individuals and even whole cities at any given time. It can ruin the reputation of some cities; to give an example, in Salinas, many people think the farther one goes into Salinas the higher the chances are for one to get shot (Goode. 2012). The National Steinbeck Center, John Steinbeck’s House, Natividad Creek Park, and Bankers Casino are some places in Salinas that are a must see, but many people do not get to visit them due to fear of the city’s reputation. Economic development can also decrease when a city’s reputation is all about violence. Gun violence can lead to the loss of lives resembling jail time or death. A man named Brad Azcona is losing the ability to live his life to a life sentence in prison because he tried to end the life of four people, in which he succeeded in two of those attempts (Ruben, 2018). Gun violence leads to the loss of opportunity, life, money and so much more. It can affect a whole city as much as it can affect one person.

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