The Effects of Sleep Deprivation in High School Students

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Sleep is one of the most overlooked necessities we have. We stay up late with colleagues or labor over unfinished work without a second thought to the amount of sleep we might be losing. High School students develop in fast paced and demanding environments that require the best they can offer. Often at the cost of their own personal time. Unbeknownst to us, irregular sleep patterns affect both our physical and mental health almost immediately, more so on the developing bodies of adolescents.

Sleep is often considered period of time in which the body is able to relax. This, in fact, is not the case. Sleep is the optimal time for your body to process needed information, retain memories, synthesise hormones, and to grow or repair needed tissues among other important functions.Therefore, we can conclude that sleep is a vital function of the growing body of a young adult for it to be able to perform at optimal condition in society as well as academically. Healthy sleeping patterns are characterized by sufficient duration ”in relation to age” and regularity (How Much Sleep. 2018). Loss of sleep cannot be replenished by oversleeping.

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Young children ages six through thirteen are recommended to sleep nine through eleven hours each night. Parents are usually have a higher influence on their children during these ages; therefore kids often receive the needed amount to support their rapid mental and physical development. As they grow into adolescence, ages fourteen through eighteen, parental control decreases (How Much Sleep, 2018). Teenagers begin to learn how to care for themselves without the proper information to fully understand what their developing bodies require to achieve ideal performance. More often than not they will neglect the needed eight to ten hours of sleep and later the signs of fatigue.

Sleep deprivation is a common occurance and can be caused by many factors in high school students. The balance of an active schedule and a healthy sleeping schedule is a delicate matter most often forgotten in societies (such as western) that prioritize productivity. At times, sleep deprivation can be the result of the environment in which the student is residing in.

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