The Effects Of Gangs

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The effects of gangs in the lower-middle-higher class communities is an important issue to be aware of, for the fact that it causes a lot of problems in society. Currently, gangs have been increasing within communities causing negative effects on neighborhoods and their youth. A gang can be defined as a group of three or more individuals who associate together and have the same clothing or color styles and commit crimes from all different of levels.

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People are upset with gang members and the outpour they bring, which includes harassing the community, encouraging their local youth to join, and publicly displaying inappropriate behavior. It is not only important to be able to recognize the level of a community and the gang problems within them, but also to see what actions can be taken to prevent more gang problems before they become greater in society.

When it comes to gangs it has been noted that in communities with a reduced population of no more than 50,000, gangs tend to be much smaller with only a hand full of members. Typically, they form as fast as they dissolve because it is hard to start up a gang and recruit members that will stay committed for a long period. In these areas the conflict for gang leaders is to keep members devoted before members realize what a waste of time the gang life is.

In a small populated zone there can be up to three different gangs at max with roughly fifty members or less in each. In larger populations between 50,000 and 100,000 typically report between 4“15 gangs and about 50“200 members. (2). As the population of towns, rural counties, and cities increases, the issue of gangs seems to also be increasing for the communities and society at large. Larger cities have a much longer, more extensive history of gang problems”nearly half have experienced ongoing gang problems since before the 1990s.(5) Whether a community be small, average, or enormous in size, there is always a purpose for joining a gang or associating with them. Quite often, the data shows that there are reasons an individual might be interested in joining a gang which include protection, power, money, or peer pressure.

Communities who are considered to be at a lower economic class level, typically see a higher rate of gang activity. A reason behind this is that these areas have been left unsupervised without leadership, or adherence from any local law or community leaders. This has left the people with low income communities to fend for themselves and makes it more challenging to protect themselves and their children. These communities can be seen as ?broken windows theory’ which happens in many communities who are considered to be lower economic classes.

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