The Effectiveness of Standardized Testing in School

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Within the last ninety-two years of standardized testing, many have argued that roughly ninety-three percent of students taking the SATs have found a positive effect on student achievement. However, their tests do not show the full maturity of the student nor do they show student’s time management, how the study, or their work ethic. These tests are known for the ability of a student to take a standardized aptitude test and to see if the student is prepared for college.

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It is not an effective way of determining where the student stands on the scales of being ready for college nor does it show an accurate representation of who the student really is. It fails to contribute any part of the student’s readiness for colleges such as time management skills, their study habits, work ethic, maturity, stress anxiety nor keep in part the meaningless time wasted if they do not get into their college of choice or the one the really wanted to attend. These issues show that these tests make the student worry more about whether or not they can truly live up to the means of a college student.

Generally, colleges use these scores not as the sole criteria but as a way to see the successfulness in the first year of college by students that they accepted. As modest high school students know colleges highly recommend taking these college entrance exams. A high school transcript speaks loud and clear what a student is capable of, but colleges push to have their fulfillment met with high test scores as well as a polished transcript. This finishes the polished overall look of the star student every college would love to have. Time management is one of the better indicators of one’s ability to succeed in college than the SAT. Time management is when someone has the ability to use and control how to use the hours of the day to be productive. The SAT does not reflect the student’s time management skills. It doesn’t show how the student pace themselves. Each and every individual student has their own way of taking an exam. However does one truly know if the student flew through the section material or did they actually use their time diligently and become one with the test. Each student takes the SAT at the same time, reading the same material, but each student is equipped with different test-taking strategies which help them score in the area they want and find agreeable. This way of testing only shows the capability of a student and them just trying to get into college and not truly understand any material that is before them. There is a large study that compares students who did not even submit their test scores to colleges;

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