The Effect of the Drugs in Baseball

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Following the investigations on Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire for the use of performance enhancing drugs, the ethics of how the media reports on alleged crimes committed by baseball players needs to be further explored. The majority of professional sports face the potential threat of their athletes using steroids, but Major League Baseball has become generally known for rampant steroid use across the league. How did this happen? Since 1988, steroids have found their way into baseball and while some of the most prominent players in the league have out right denied the use of performance enhancing drugs such as David Ortiz and Barry Bonds, a few have come out and claimed that the majority of the league is actually “juiced up”..

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In 2012, relief pitcher Eric Gagne, said that “It was sufficient to ruin my health, tarnish my reputation and throw a shadow over the extraordinary performances of my career… I was intimately aware of the clubhouse in which I lived. I would say that 80 percent of the Dodgers players were consuming them.” Jose Canseco, who played for the Oakland Athletics at the time, wrote in his book, Juiced, that he and McGwire would apply steroids via a syringe through the buttocks. Because of how some players in recent history have tried to save face after having their careers tarnished from PED accusations, it has led many fans within the sport and beyond to believe it’s a very casual performance for a major league ball-player.

After legendary seasons by players like McGwire, Bonds, Sammy Sosa, and Jason Giambi, baseball reached a new high in viewership nationwide. The game also saw a transition from the classic style of good defense and aggressive baserunning to how many players in the lineup can drive the ball over the fence. By 2002, a lot of the mystery surrounding the transition came out when the Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative (BALCO) came under fire for providing anabolic steroids to many high profile baseball players.

According to Dan Deluliis, “Out of 1,438 survey tests administered, MLB commissioner Bud Selig announced that five to seven percent of these tests were positive,

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