The Downfall of Antigone and Creon

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Antigoner’s stubbornness causes the death of herself when she goes against the law of Creon, the King to bury her brother, Polynices, and readers learn that what one expects it not always the outcome. It is ordered by the gods for each person to be offered a proper burial, so Antigone asks her sister, Ismene, for helping to bury Polynices, but she denies, in fear of getting caught. Antigone is still persistent in burying her brother, despite the warnings from Ismene.

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Ismene is willing to keep the act a secret, but Antigone refuses, and says, Publish it To all the world! Else I shall hate you more (129).

Antigone is proud of what she stands for and wants everyone to know, by the form of Ismene spreading the news. She is aware of a punishment for an act against the king, but her stubbornness does not hold her back from committing a sinful act against the King. Antigoner’s hatred towards Ismene, if she does not advance the news to others, shows that Antigone is not keeping her from taking a stand and proving that no one can control her actions. Once Antigone gets caught, the King asks if she confirms the accusations against her and she replies, I do admit it. I do not deny it (138). Antigone is not trying to escape her punishment.

Her stubbornness motivates her to make it clear to everyone that she believes what she did was the right thing to do and nobody can stop her from thinking so. Antigoner’s stubbornness concealed decisions might not lead to desirable consequences Creonr’s stubbornness causes the death of not only Antigone,

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