The division of expert labor

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Pharmacy is longer known as one of major health care profession. Superior skills and knowledge on the medicine and the usage of medicine has been acclaimed by pharmacists as the privilege to gain professional status in the society. However, some pharmacists argue that the label of professional is not perceived by others.

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When a profession traditionally enjoys elite status and high reward regarding to its authority, for example medical practitioners, lawyers and accountants, pharmacists are perceived in the different perspectives. Different perception on pharmacist professional work compare to other established profession results various arguments on how to reward pharmacist. Although International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) clearly states that pharmacists should be adequately remunerated to achieve the goal of pharmaceutical care, fact shows that incomplete professionalization is the reason for rewarding different payment for pharmacists.

It is generally acceptable that the professional workers should be rewarded professionally based on the services that they have delivered, but there are also hierarchies within a profession, for example senior lawyer have higher rewards than the junior one. Thus even though the inputs are similar within professions, they are not rewarded equally. A professional pharmacist that provides wide range of pharmaceutical services should receive higher remuneration than a pharmacist that merely dispenses a drug. This level of work will be distinctive feature to create a remuneration system for pharmacist. Regardless the professional status, a remuneration system should calculate different scheme of payment for different level of provision. In other words, the more they provide, the more they paid. Different methods of remuneration system can be a hint to explore the professional work of pharmacists.

Study objective

The study will examine the relationship between pharmacist professional work and the remuneration system that is applied. To examine the professional work of pharmacist, we use The Pharmacy Practice Activity Classification initiated by American Pharmacist Association (APhA) to assess the level and the character of professional work provisioned by pharmacists. For remuneration system, we try to observe the level and the character of remuneration system applied. In the end, we try to find the relationship between the professional work and the current remuneration system and pharmacists opinion of a better remuneration system based on their professional work.

To study the circumstances and the context of the research, we conduct two different levels of studies. In the micro level, the studies will evaluate the professional role of pharmacist in the community, the current remuneration system applied and to some degree, their ideas about the appropriate remuneration system for professional role of pharmacist. In the macro level, the studies will analyze the views from the national association of pharmacist regarding the professional role of pharmacist and current remuneration system for the profession. This will bring us to final remarks,

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