The Development of a Personal Philosophy of Education

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I started with the Foundations of Education class with no working knowledge the education system nor any teaching philosophies. I did not realize that it’s not just about classroom management or teaching to a curriculum. The course has given me new tools and vocabulary. In reflection, Foundations of Education has helped me develop a philosophy of education, realize that there is more than one way of teaching, and open my eyes to the issues facing students today.

To be educated thoroughly, no matter the circumstances. This is the first thought that comes to mind when I think about my philosophy of education. As of now, my philosophy is fuzzy, but I do believe that, as the text used for this class suggests, my philosophy will evolve and develop as I gain more experience in the classroom. (Kauchak, 2017) My philosophy is this: I believe that education should be practical, that it should be enjoyable, and that it should be a lifelong pursuit that helps the student become the best person they can be. As I plan on becoming a paraprofessional, I realize that I need to communicate and collaborate with the teacher I will be working with to have our day run smoothly. (Fitzell, 2017) This means being open to and supporting the head teacher’s philosophy of education and teaching style while still maintaining my own.

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It is my belief that to be well-rounded in your education you need to be open to experiences, that you need “”Just Do It”” as the slogan goes. It would be naive of me to believe that all my students will have such prospects, so it is my challenge to provide opportunities for students to learn in a way that is relevant to their lives. (Kauchak, 2017) In other words, I’ll most likely be using the progressivist philosophy with a hands-on approach to instruction. I’ve found that my most memorable lessons have always been tied to my interests. For example, in elementary school, I learned how to do citations and look up multiple resources. This was done by making an A to Z booklet with each page featuring a topic of my choice.

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