The Defunding Of Planned Parenthood

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The defunding of Planned Parenthood is an issue that has taken political twists among those in support of this action versus those who are opposed to the shutting down of the health organization (Aikena and Scott). Needless to say, most of the people in the general public are opposed to the existence of the healthcare entity in the belief that it provides abortion services only. This is a huge misconception and it is the main reason that makes the debate on whether to continue the funding of the organization or not so emotive.

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Americans get torn in the middle with the conservative side vehemently opposed to abortion and hence, Planned Parenthood; and the other side in strong support of the practice and be extension, Planned Parenthood.

The most vocal proponents of shutting down the operations of Planned Parenthood through freezing the flow of funds to the organization keep stating that its main health activity is abortion. This is the highest form of ignorance because Planned Parenthood offers a myriad of maternal health, reproductive, and sexual services besides abortion. Only a few of the people who visit the Planned Parenthood facilities receive abortion services. The facilities run by the organization offer essential services like the screening of common STIs and treatment options to manage such situations. Protective sex is encouraged, sexual and reproductive education is offered, morning after pills are also available, and young families are also counseled on the need to plan their families.

It would be gross unfairness to defund an entire healthcare organization together with its operations due to the few abortions that constitute a small part of its activities.
The debate surrounding Planned Parenthood surrounds the funding that goes to the organization and the abortion activities that the public perceives is its main health practice (Brandhorst and Jennings). This is a misleading position because abortion is just a part of the numerous health services that the company offers. It is also a misrepresentation of the facts because the federal funding that comes from the government does not go towards supporting abortion activities. The skeptics among the public should be informed of the Hyde Amendment. This is a legislation that guaranteed that no single federal dollar would be spent on the procurement of abortion. This is a legislation that has been in existence since 1976 and it would serve to sensitize the public that their tax money is being utilized in other reproductive health services. The thought that the government money funds abortion services is inaccurate.

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