The Definition of Popular Culture in Sociology

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Sociologists developed a way to identify the social world and its fundamental elements through several perspectives when conducting an investigation. Each perspective has a its own one-sided view, which illuminates selected aspects of a behavior and social interaction. However, using just one perspective leaves other areas in the dark.

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That is why sociology contains a substantial number of distinct perspectives that are divided into two categories: micro and macro. Micro is in relation to something small in time and space, meaning an individual or small group. While, macro is in relation to something big in time and space, meaning institutions, society or global systems. Furthermore, Colomy talks about one micro perspective (symbolic interactionism) and two macro perspectives (functionalism and the conflict approach). Symbolic interactionism is a micro perspective that resides in pragmatism, a philosophical approach that assesses the truth or beliefs of meaning towards theories. The origins of this philosophical theory assign John Dewey, William James, George Herbert Mead, and Charles Peirce. Who are all early twentieth century American thinkers. Symbolic interactionism is based on five core ideas as well as the other perspectives.

First, people act in terms of the meanings they assign to objects in their environment. For example, there is an urban legend that adults believe on Halloween which is filled with potential danger and children are vulnerable to strangers dispensing drug-tainted candy. Even today, parents still believe in the legend and continue to inspect their children’s candy for signs of mishap. The second assumption asserts that social action involves adjustments and readjustments as interpretations of situations change. For example, if one makes peanut butter cookies and takes them to a friend’s house,

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