The Declaration of Independence In The USA History

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The United States of America celebrates Independence Day on 4th of July. This crucial day carries lots of significance for the American people. It is very important to understand the document that led Americans to decide about the separation of the United States from the British regime.

The war between France and Britain lasted 7 years. Britain eventually had victory in the War. This massive victory brought a great joy in Britain and also in American colonies. However, this victory turned out to be very expensive to the British government. In order to recover the tremendous debt of the war, Britain levied a number of taxes to the colonies. The Sugar Act was put in action in 1764 which imposed taxes on sugar and other goods. The following year, the British government imposed taxes on all paper documents through the Stamp Act of 1765. Colonists had to pay taxes on each printed paper that were used in the colonies (Stamp Act). 2 years after, in 1767, the Townshend Acts put further taxes on almost everything that were imported by the American colonies. (Townshend Acts). The British government wanted revenue from the American colonies through taxes. However, the Tax Acts imposed by the representatives in Britain were not the representatives from American colonies. This brought a huge tension in the American colonies. The colonial representatives were furious to the British government which led to the consequences of rebellion in colonies against the British government. The unconstitutional acts against the American colonies rose to the mob violence (Declaration). These mobs started destroying every sculpture which related colonies with British regime. In retaliation, the British government sent troops to stop mob violence which brought more tensions in the colonies since these troops started beating and harassing the mob members. Also, the pamphlet Common Sense written by Thomas Paine forced many colonists to consider Independence as the best option (Goldfield,115).

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The colonial leaders then began to think of leaving behind the relationship with Britain. The second continental congress started a campaign to cut off the British rule in Colonies. They proposed Thomas Jefferson to write the declaration of independence. In the declaration of Independence Jefferson points out the inevitable reasons to overthrow the British rule from American Colonies. The unanimous decision of the declaration of Independence proposes the impelling causes to the separation. Jefferson writes, We hold these truths to be self-evident,

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