The Debate of Space Exploration

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The debate which has been argued throughout the articles given have involved space exploration, human and robotic. The four authors discussed include, David Von Drehle who is an American history and politics journalism and is featured in The Washington Post, Marillyn Hewson who is chairman, president and chief executive of Lockheed Martin Corporation, Dr. Don Lincoln who is senior physicist at Fermi lab, and Alex Mazarr, who is an aerospace engineer student and regular columnist.

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The articles from all of these authors, have all discussed that space exploration, whether it be human or robotic, is a topic which needs more research, and more time spent on to see what is the better route to approach the topic. The articles come to common knowledge that space exploration is a topic which needs to be taken more seriously throughout our nation: the expenses, the danger factor, and if space exploration is a benefit or not. The individuals authors give their personal opinion with facts and data supporting their beliefs, briefly in a few articles giving their own solution.

Each article begins by stating their opinions on space exploration discussing the topics which seem to be the most controversial. Drehle begins discussing the large amount of money space exploration takes up and the fact that nothing seems to change, It would cost vast sums, but we have good credit and high tolerance for debt; the question, is why. The moos is still the same dead, dusty desert we left in 1972. ( Von Drehle 1). Agreeing with those arguments of Von Drehle, the articles of Lincoln and Mazarr also discuss the budget. Mazarr mentions the main question behind space exploration and if it should be cut or not, firmly showing his support for human space exploration, Currently, that debate tends to center around whether or not funding for space exploration and research should be cut in favor of other pressing needs, such as education and the environment, and it should not be, (Mazarr 1). Also discussing budget is Lincoln, who quickly gives solutions to the budget and how things are already being done to drop the expenses of human space exploration, The cost of Thursday’s launch has not been released, but SES, the company owning the satellite that was launched, has said they were interested in an even lower price of $30 million for this first attempt. (Lincoln 2). The final author, Hewson, although also discussing budget and the other problems space exploration brings, she also believes there is much more in space left to do, I believe we have only begun to scratch the surface of our nation’s true potential in space. (Hewson 3). The budget and solutions to the budget seems to be the main, close to agreeable subject in all the articles. Taking some of the agreements seen when discussing budget,

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