The Dangers of Online Dating

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Over the years the trend of online dating has increased dramatically. It has become more popular over the years due to all of its many benefits, like easy access to millions of people, the ability to talk to people with having to meet face to face. Unfortunately, every great thing comes with risks, and if you are not careful the risks can be life-altering. Will the risks of online dating outweigh the benefits? Commercials and advertisements only show the good side of online dating, but I feel people should be aware of the dangers as well.

There are many sites dedicated to online dating. Most sites try to appeal to a certain group of people. Sites like Christian Mingle appeal to Christians, while Farmers Only appeals to people who like to farm. Tinder is another site that usually appeals to the younger generation. There are many sites like these that appeal to people of certain backgrounds, sexualities, and hobbies. Other sites like eHarmony and appeal to no specific person. Every one of these sites still works the same way, you create a profile, you answer questions about your likes and dislikes, your hobbies, dreams, family, and education. After creating your profile, the site finds “matches”, which are people who you share similarities with. When looking through your matches and you find a person that you like, you start a conversation with them and hopefully begin to date. Online dating is very simple and that alone attracts many people to want to try it out, but what people do not realize is that there are many dangerous things that can happen to you when you choose to meet strangers online.

When meeting someone through an online site the only thing you know about them is what they tell you and what they put on their profile. This fact alone puts you at risk for many dangerous outcomes. One of the less dangerous risks is being catfished. Catfished is when someone creates an online profile but uses someone else’s pictures and information. The catfisher usually is a person who is uncomfortable with their own appearance, so they hide behind someone else’s pictures. They then befriend the victim and usually catch feelings for one another. MTV has a tv show that is named Catfished. When someone is in a strictly online relationship and think they are being catfished, they contact the show to find out the truth. Nev and Max set out to investigate the person in question and try to decide if they are real or fake.

They then take the person who contacted the show and brings them to meet the person they are dating. Sometimes they are telling the truth but most of the time they are caught trying to be someone else. In this tv show, most of the catfishers do not mean any harm but feel as if the victim would not have given them the chance if they knew what they really looked like.

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