The Creative Class and Gentrification

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The creative class and gentrification is a field which has been deliberated based on its significant impact on the social, economic and cultural aspect of people way of life. This paper offers an advanced level of understanding of contemporary deliberations concerning the creative class and gentrification drawing upon research in social science that reviews the creative city thesis based on gentrification. It has a specific emphasis on the ‘cultural new class’ or creative class, its impact in social, cultural and economic gentrification matters and the particular dilemmas and issues for a socially inclusive and just city.

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The paper commences by analysing the concept of creative class, socio-economic ramifications, the reality of innovative inclusionary policy and offers demonstration based on the moves to develop more equitable and creative city centers. Furthermore, it will introduce concept of gentrification and its effects on urban development. Finally, it will demonstrate how creative class and gentrification impacts the city.

The Concept of the Creative Class

The idea of the creative class as an economic segment was developed as community observed the resource-based economy weaken. The intensification of technology and internet-based businesses enabled human capital to surpass the real attractive industry as the necessary economic facilitator of post-industrial nations. Low environmental demand and light upscaling flexibility of infrastructure have led the growth of technology with hardware and electricity components being its chief attractive features though modifying the acquisition of intensive capital to human talent. This human capital is usually depicted as a creative class as the Florida twisted the term, ‘The creative class’ which involves workers in arts, business and management, science and technology, law and healthcare, and culture media and entertainment professions. This is a development in the talent and human creativity to become the new extractive resource of the economic structure which possessed pronounced effect to how cities’ new era facilitators (creative companies and technology) place themselves based on each other and geography (John and Bruce, 34). With an emphasis on human talent, industries have clustered in regions near top tier higher learning institutions that generate top-notch talent, municipalities (and areas) that provide incentives for their business performance development and research while as well situating in cities that offer a life of high quality for their inhabitants. This aspect is all founded on ‘?human capital’ or human talent. Similarly, planning has endured renaissance to change developments’ emphasis to the human scale, technology and talent-based businesses are significantly situating in places that provide the economic incentive junction and human talent to offer them benefit over stagnation and competition (Florida, 34). Having analysed business practice shifts and the equivalent policy formation, a pattern of social equality matters, as well as corresponding social satisfaction has to be put into consideration. This is an aspect that is distinguished by the municipalities and policymakers as a rallying basis for accomplishing their obligation to advancing justice and social,

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