The Constitution of India is a Role Model for The World

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The ancient India burden has a republic system here the Republic of Malva and Lichivi existed. At that time the councils and committees were working with local citizens like today’s local governments. It is our reputation for bringing our loose India into communal form and making it again a secular republic state.

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The leaders and the constitution are credited to the creators. The concepts of the republic are democratic values and it is the source of the Constitution to make it through them liberty, equality and fraternity of Idealistic principles. India has the void World is richer constitution. It is composed of a team of skilled experts. It will liberate India from foreigners and liberate them and that is why we have sovereignty. This Constitution emphasizes the integrity, harmony and unity of the country. Everybody teaches the whole community, including free opportunity and equality philosophy policies for all Indians. It is important to note that, as a whole, people, teachers, culture and scholarships can be used to make a difference in their lives is here. The Constitution is all set to mobilize and ridicule all these things.A constitutional assembly was euphemism for the creation of a sustainable sample of its own to be released by foreigners.

Following this, the 1946 Cabinet delegation granted the Constitution of India an open opportunity to the Indians. From the provincial governments of the 296, 93 from princely States people are nominated to the Constituent Assembly. But since Pakistan was partitioned, it was finally 31 December 1947 with provincial governments 229 and 70 people from princely States with total 299 people Receives representation from various communities and enters in to the constituent assembly.The magnificent way in which Dr. Ambedkar piloted the Constitution bill in the Constituent Assembly of India revealed the depth of knowledge of Constitutions of the various countries and firm grasp of the political and Constitutional principles. The talent and ability which Dr.Ambedkar showed as the Chief Archiect of our Constitution crowned his work as a constitutional authority of world fame. He emerged as a great constitution-maker of our times in the Constituent Assembly of India from 09th December 1946 to 26th January 1950.The Constituent Assembly of India constituted various prime sub-committees to facilitate various factions and the Constitution.

Ambedkars presided over a drafting committee comprising of N.Gopalaswamy ayingar,

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