The Cold War Battle

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The battle of the Cold War was the first time in U.S. history in which military technology had developed to a point that mutual annihilation was ensured. The presence of two global superpowers, each diametrically opposed to the other on the basis of political belief meant that there had to be a new way of dealing with foreign affairs.

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Pure isolationism would not work because of Soviet leaders and their desire to actively export their brand of communism to the world. This competed with American interests which simultaneously rued pursuing another world war and which had no desire to see such an oppressive brand of politics from rapidly taking over the globe. As such, the foreign policy known as Containment developed, which helped exhaust the Soviet economy and prevent an active war from breaking out between the Western world and the Communist one. Containment as a foreign policy was instrumental in bringing about the demise of the Soviet Union as evidenced by its unique birth and nature, its effects on the Soviet Union, and Ronald Reagan’s escalation of it during his Presidential term.

The use of Containment as a foreign policy during the Cold War is to examine a long and varied history of foreign policy initiatives that were tremendously varied because of the differences in foreign policymakers (and Presidents) that espoused them. The beginnings of American-Soviet relations were anything but hostile. Despite the public opinion of Communism, Roosevelt and Stalin really did share a fondness for each other. Stalin was outspoken about his fascination with Roosevelt, making sure not to hide his fondness for FDR which amazed [his fellow diplomats] because his character was so harsh that he rarely bestowed his sympathy on anyone from another social system (Montefiore, 1012). Roosevelt also claimed on his fireside chats that he got along with Stalin quite well and that the Communists were allies in their fight against Hitler.

On one hand, the media foundation had an impact in sweetening the relationship, building up “a surge of articles, books, and movies [instructing] Americans to bless the Kremlin” (McDougall, 154). Then again, just 50% of Americans guaranteed that they would be open to thinking about the Soviet’s partners after the war (McDougall, 155).

The beginnings of the arrangement along these lines got themselves borne out of the doubt that Americans felt with Communists standing out from Roosevelt’s rehashed claims that the Communists were great individuals and that they had no motivation to stress over anything awful occurring. However the Soviets immediately demonstrated that they were determined to expanding their very own capacity while taking as much from the West as they could. Socialist covert agents penetrated American bureaucratic systems and implanted themselves in upper levels of administration to the suspicious caution of the general masses,

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