The Chemistry of Diet Sodas and the Effect on Bone Structure

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It is clear that out of the topics that have been outlined have managed to address on the chemistry of diet sodas and the effect on bone structure. The main interest for this is that I am interested to know why diet soda is bad for our bone structure and some of its outcome if used improperly. Also one may venture to know what would happen to our bodies if the minerals that are used to manufacture it do not reach our bones or else the intestines.

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It is clear that diet soda have phosphorus which is an ingredient that increases the acidity of one’s blood. In this case one has to put an effort on minimizing it through neutralizing the acidity to your body. Also your body leaches calcium form bones and this leads to loss of over time in most of instances.

Due to some of daily beliefs it has been proved that diet sodas can harm the body beyond ones belief. The current research which is linking caramel coloring shows that diet sodas can be used in colas to cancer and one may start to rethink on matters of daily consumption of this drinks which are manufactured frequently in different plant. Also, before one decides to do anything related with its consumption we have to take a keen look of its ingredients. To some of throw in and recent research shows that diet sodas have constantly been thought of as a way to swindler a diet but rather they do really affect one’s body (Martin, 2007). Self-studies shows that diet sodas are not a health substitute for a good old style coke but instead they harm your body even further up to an extend of the bone edifice and most vital make a person increase weight faster and stare obese.

Creating of diet soda have been an issue which has been of attentiveness to food manufacturers and also to regulars. Since then, the sugar in soda has been approved to carry numerous calories with no nourishing values and this upsurges the risk of cavities and bone structure effects. In reality, one may think that sugar sweet sodas provide a huge amount of calories to the America régime but this is not the real facts. Since its introduction most of its effects have appeared on the bones and this has increased human being healthy and arguably diminished weight loss.

Chemicals in diet soda

There are numerous and diverse categories of diet drinks such as coke, Pepsi and also monster diet drinks. These drinks are manufactured by different industries and due to this they highly use different ingredients which give them different taste. Therefore, some of those ingredients and chemicals include;

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