The Chasm Of Ethnicity In The Kite Runner

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It is in our human nature to comply to the strict societal rules that our world has constructed. Time and time again our vision and judgement is clouded with the thick fog of principles that must be upheld by societyr’s standards, more specifically and harshly, those of religious and ethical standards. Within the expansive realm of the Islamic religion, there are extreme principles that each and every one of its followers must abide by to prove their faith and loyalty.

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However, many take this to the extreme, especially when there are two conflicting sides involved. In Afghanistan particularly, there are profound divisions in which theological beliefs branch off into two main sects. These two groups have had major tension throughout history that has lead to feelings of superiority and dominance, not only creating huge religious splits, but ethnic ones as well. These cultural strains cause countless divides and feuds, merely due to the fact that they dont think or believe in the same way as someone else. Through the development of a friendship and a journey for redemption between two young boys of different castes, The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini, highlights the racial and class based tensions throughout Afghanistan and speaks to how irrational ethnic chasms can warp oner’s own sense of reality, ultimately leading to major strains on relationships and an internal sense of guilt.

The Kite Runner, is set against a backdrop filled with hostility and commotion. From the fall of the monarchy is Afghanistan, the Soviet Invasion, the flood of Pakistani refugees into the United States, to the rise if the taliban, the reader travels through the history of Afghanistan and is exposed to the eye opening events that took place. In the Islamic religion, there are two main sects that which most fall under, the majority of them being Sunni, which makes up 85% of this religion across the world, while the Shia only make up about 15% of the Islamic population. This vast gap in the number that comprises all of its followers marginalizes the minority group, causing many people to discriminate against those who arent the same as themselves. This harsh division is brought to light in between the two main characters in the novel, Amir and Hassan. Amir is the son of a very wealthy father, and is a Pashtun, the dominant ethnic group in Afghanistan within the Sunni sect. They have two servants, Ali and his son, Hassan, who classify as Hazaras, the minority ethnicity in the city of Kabul, which fall under the Shia sect. These two boys have grown up together in the same household, practically as brothers, however they come from different religious, economic, and ethnic worlds.

The main character in the novel, Amir is born and raised into a society filled with bigotry.

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