The Challenges of Phobias In Everyday Life Paul Johnson Psychology

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Could you imagine waking up everyday in fear that today could be the day that you have to deal with the one thing you cannot deal with, your constant fear, your phobia? Phobias don’t just affect your life when the thing you fear is introduced it affects the everyday life. Having to constantly avoid the thing that causes you panic is stressful and must be annoying not being able to do things normally. Could you imagine not being able to walk or stand because you’re terrified to? How about not being able to wash yourself because you’re to afraid? Even make a decision but that’s too horrifying or even the thought of leaving your house causes you panic..

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A Phobia is basically something that you are terrified of, it can be literally anything that what makes phobias so random and terrifying. It doesn’t matter what your Phobia is, your life will be based around the fact that you have to avoid that stimuli at all costs to avoid whatever reaction you may have such as panic attack, or being frozen I know someone whose phobia is puking and when it comes up she tries her hardest not to and is sometimes successful but not all the time and she pukes. But afterwards she goes into a state of shock then after has a panic attack because she puked. It’s the not having control over oneself when certain stimuli are introduced to their environment, they’re so terrified they lose control of their body and mind and that’s why they have to adjust their days to avoid that stimuli. Most phobias are caused from having a traumatic experience with the certain stimuli, or maybe just a bad memory from childhood.


Is the fear of spiders, which is a totally rational fear as there are so many species of spider and determining if that spider in the corner of the room is poisonous or not is not how anyone would want to spend their day. To some people, just the sight of a spider can send them into full blown panic, screaming, crying, hiding or freezing in place. Logically there are enough spiders on the planet to eat every human being in a year if they would actually eat a human that is.

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