The Cause of Poverty

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How I discovered the truth about poverty? Perhaps is a research statement from Barbara Ehrenreich in her contribution towards the underlying cause of poverty. In the article how I discovered the truth about poverty? Ehrenreich incorporates Michael Harrington best-selling book known as The Other America to indicate the perception of what people actually believed was the discovery of the cause of poverty. Harrington in his book states that poverty is caused by lack of effort to prosper, living a life of crime and having the faulty lifestyle.

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Harrington manages to create a line between the poor and rich through his statement that poverty alienates a society ‘they are different from us.”Barbara is not happy for Harrington suggestions about the cause of poverty, and she can’t believe why many people bought the book. Barbara believes that Harrington is misleading the society with the book and the suggestion about poverty. Poverty cannot be liked with living a life of crime since there are so many people who are rich and they are in crime business. Barbara comes out with another perception on the issue of poverty that ?’Poverty is not a cultural aberration or a character flaw, but a shortage of money”. She believes that poverty is not based on character but an absence of money in an individual’s life. This indicates that the real cause of poverty is yet to be known.

Poverty is a global issue that affects about 50% of the world’s population. Therefore, many researchers have given their views as far as the cause of poverty is concerned. The article ‘growth, poverty and asset allocation: the role of the state”by Ramon Lopez describes that poverty is caused by the government through their unfair spending and land allocation to the people. She describes how the government harms the people and shows through equations how the government takes resources from the peasants and gives to the communist who becomes wealthier. She strongly believes that government is perhaps the cause of poverty that exists in many nations today pushing the number to be half the entire world’s population. On the other hand, Homan in his article titled ?’being and becoming poor”states that most people live in poverty due to lack of opportunities, jobs, education and low wages. He also pointed out that the people of color had a higher rate in the level of poverty to bring out the issue of race and other factors. Different researchers have different views and understanding toward the cause of poverty which has left people to be in the middle of all the arguments. Therefore, I would say that poverty is a complex phenomenon and it is caused by a range of factors that possible work together resulting in inadequate resources.

Poverty is caused by a corrupt government through unequal distribution of resources in the society.

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