The Case of Apple versus the FBI

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The case of FBI versus Apple Company arose as a result of the Apple tech firm declining to create new software that will unlock the iPhone of Farook and help the law enforcement agency in investigating the terrorist attack. FBI was investigating the case of Farook who killed many people, but the company refused to give them passcode. The firm wanted to protect its clients’ data while the FBI argued that encryption would be dangerous as it hides criminal activities.

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The case was later ruled in favor of the Apple Company, but the FBI later accessed the iPhone using undisclosed means.

The legal standoff between Apple and FBI had ended, but the experts articulate the issue is likely to come up again. This is because tech companies like Apple are taking measures to guard their clients’ photos, important files, business records and messages (Burum and Holmes 9). Guarding of the customer’s critical information will hinder the investigation.

The heated debate took weeks where Apple Company resisted the demand by the FBI to give them information. Authorities came up with their way which enabled them to obtain data from an encrypted iPhone which was used by one of the shooters of Bernardino (Stephan 103).

Causes of the Fight

A federal judge at the Department of Justice ordered Apple Company to help the FBI by unlocking iPhone which was encrypted used by Syed Farook who killed more than fourteen people in December along with his wife. The government wanted Apple Company to create software that would help in overriding the feature of “”auto-wipe”” which kicks in after attempting passcode for iPhone for ten times with wrong numbers (Crowley and Johnstone 624). Activation of the function will lead to rendering all data found on the phone to be unreadable permanently.

The Apple software deterred FBI from their attempts at guessing passcode of Farook. The FBI attempted to log into ten times whereby after failed attempts, the contents of the phone self-destructed to discourage rapid attempts (Owsley 4). The company alleged that the program helped in stopping malware or viruses attacks. Authorities demanded the company to create the software to assist them in the investigation.

Apple agreed to create the software ordered by the government but argued vehemently that it would be a bad idea for the company to do so. Tim Cook, the CEO of the company, supposed that implementing the software as ordered by the government will set a precedent for government demands both in the US and other parts of the world (Espino 97). The company also said that hackers could steal the software and use it to harm the business.

The government kept insisting that they were only asking the company to assist in one case.

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