The Business Operation of Sweetie Upcycled Dolls

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Describe the business operation, including the role of the website and the role of the third parties with: Making contact Sweetie Upcycled Dolls would search for potential buyers through two ways, there are (1) meeting the unmet or under-served buyers, and (2) approaches to market segmentation. Firstly Sweetie Upcycled Dolls may reach the unmet or under-served buyers through create more efficient markets in Malaysian, create more efficient value system and enable ease of access. Ecommerce create more efficient markets by provide lower searching cost and transaction cost compare to traditional form of business. Sweetie Upcycled Dolls would reduce the product searching cost such as time spent on products searching, travelling cost and price discovery cost. Through the website service provided by Sweetie Upcycled Dolls, customers can easily access to product feature information, user instruction and make price comparison with others sellers through online service, thus it is convenience and time saving compare to offline dolls business. Therefore, Sweetie Upcycled Dolls would minimize the business transaction cost by standardize the transaction across the board, compared to the traditional type business method that calculate transaction cost subject to business expenditures and the actual number of transaction. At the same time, Sweetie Upcycled Dolls Ecommerce would reduce labor and other costs by replacing traditional business methods of document preparation, telephone calling, data entry and overtime expenses with email and electronic invoicing which create more efficient internet-based value chain. Sweetie Upcycled Doll would also employ the marketing communication strategy that must integrate with other marketing tools, such as mobile social apps Line and Sweetie Upcycled Dolls’ mobile app in order to add convenience with the online offerings. Sweetie Upcycled Dolls also create value proposition to customer through greater access on information about pricing. Sweetie Upcycled Dolls also make segmentation approach through stage of behavioral and benefits. Sweetie Upcycled Dolls would target and approach the market through behavioral segmentation which divides market based on how customers actually buy and use the products. Example, Sweetie Upcycled Dolls would target parents, teenagers or doll collectors, because this group of people are the person who willing spend and buy for the products offering by Sweetie Upcycled Dolls. On the other hand, Sweetie Upcycled Dolls also would approach the target the benefits segmentation market which divided market based on the benefits or qualities sought from products. Example, the target market that looks at the true benefit that sought by Sweetie Upcycled Dolls. Marketing communication strategies that employ by Sweetie Upcycled Dolls would via web service, thus online marketing tools play a crucial role in making contact between sellers and buyers, such as banners and text ads would employ by Sweetie Upcyled Dolls in promote and market the product offering by the ecommerce. Sweetie Upcycled Dolls would tie together its own site with online social media marketing such as Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, Google + and YouTube, at the same time Sweetie Upcycled Dolls would also maximize the benefit of partnering with online intermediaries such as blog. In order to create brand awareness and loyalty,

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