The book Jurassic Park

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When people think of movies that came from books, they usually think it is quite the same. Although, some movies can have different plots or even different characters than the book. Jurassic Park has a few differences in the plot, comparing the movie and the book. There are also many personality changes in characters between the two.

The book, Jurassic Park, was written by Michael Crichton. It was first published on November 20th, 1990. The book is five hundred pages of a doctor, John Hammond, trying to bring dinosaurs back from extinction. Most of the book takes place on an island called Isla Nublar, eight miles long and one hundred miles off of Costa Rica. The story also takes place at Jurassic Park, a theme park still under construction. The theme park includes labs, a control room, and Dr. Hammond’s home. The construction for a hotel and other buildings was still going on. The island was intended to provide a zoo, nature preserve, and hotels soon enough. It all took place about two hundred years before the book was written. This book is considered a classic because it is about a doctor trying to bring dinosaurs back to life. Dinosaurs once lived and none of us really got to experience that. This book offers such realistic characterization that could actually show us how the world was with dinosaurs in it. Jurassic Park shows us characteristics and even the lifestyles of dinosaurs and people who were once around them. Something this book says that could last a lifetime is that everything will once evolve and there is not much you could do about it or bring it back.

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