The Black Death Responses of Christians vs Islams

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The Black Death began in the 1340’s, in which it began to spread from China and moved west. The Black Death contained three different bacterial strains; bubonic, pneumonic, and septicemic (Background Essay). While it continued to spread, it ended up reaching to where Christians and Islams were located.

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While this is happening, it’s noticeable that the two religions had more different reactions than similar reactions. Different responses to The Black Death was whether this was a negative or positive. Most of the Christians believed that this was a punishment for their sins, while islams believed that it was a blessing. Another difference was who was to blame. The Christians would blame the Jews for their sins and thought they were behind this as well. On the contrary, Islamic people didn’t have anyone to blame, and were in peace with the Jews. While the two have differences, they also share a similarity, that this was an act of God.

The idea of one being a punishment and one being a blessing are extremely distinct. Christians described The Black Death in a very torturing and frightening tone, describing it as “the end of the world” (Doc 1). They also described it as a “reward” for their sins, meaning they viewed The Black Death as something they deserved for sinning or that there’s been an excess amount of sinning going on throughout time (Doc 4). However, the Islams took in the Black Death as a gift from God. They went through The Black Death and accepted it, taking it in as a blessing (Doc 4).

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