The Biggest Policy Flaw

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In the world that we live in today, the thought of gun violence has been a major issue for many years and has been a issue proposed by the people to the government. The government needs to have some type of gun control laws to fix the problem in America on gun related violence. Anti-gun activists believe that by taking guns away the crime rate will drop.

They believe it is too dangerous for the public to have access to weapons. I believe that if certain new gun laws were to be enacted crime would most likely change. I don’t disagree that we have we have problem but the way people want to fix it is what I feel is wrong. If guns were to be completely wiped out people would be left defenseless against criminals and would be losing their second amendment rights.

Last year nearly 40 thousand people were killed by guns in the United States marking it the highest year of gun deaths in decades. Cable news Network or CNN found that the number of people killed by guns in 2017 shows a 10,000 person increase from 1999. The center for disease control or CDC confirmed with CNN that these death numbers are correct.

Every day, 342 people in America are shot in murders, assaults, suicides & suicide attempts, unintentional shootings, and police interventions. In 2017, nearly 109 people died every single day from gun violence, Director of Public Health Research Adelyn Allchin said in a statement. Gun violence is a epidemic that requires a solution, which is why we must immediately enact and implement evidence-based interventions such as permit-to-purchase policies and extreme risk laws. Allchin also stated that he thinks it’s time that our elected leaders at every level of government need to come together to make gun violence rare and abnormal.

I believe that the second amendment was put in place for a reason and that right to own a gun should still be available. Many Americans are troubled everyday deciding whether keeping a gun in the home is a good idea. Keeping a gun in the home comes with some risks. There are many accidents occurring daily due to people not understanding how to handle guns. Many of us take that risk because the thought of protection outweighs the negatives. Our right of free choice needs to be preserved, and if the second amendment was taken away, our democratic society would be overruling us.

Whenever I turn on the news the only thing that I seem to see are all the deadly crimes that are taking place across the country. I feel like we all want this to stop yet we are trying to take away a form of protection. If we don’t have weapons to protect our personal safety then we might as well let people just kill us without a fight. I feel like we all want to have the ideal environment but we can’t have that so called environment unless we feel safe and have a sense of protection.

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