The Benefits of Volunteering in Schools

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Laurel BurgerSwindell AP Literature – Graduation Project10 March 2018The Benefits of Volunteering in Schools Volunteerism in schools is a free and simple task that can influence an entire community. Volunteering in schools can be defined as free work or services that is completely voluntary and beneficial to a school. The numerous benefits of volunteering in schools has a large influence on the volunteer, the entire school and staff, and the students, these benefits are long-term and extend far beyond the classroom. The profound influence that volunteering has on the volunteer are limitless.

These benefits include a positive change in one’s overall well-being, potential job experience as well as the possibility of furthering one’s education, and the possibility to meet new and influential people. These effects can make all the different in a person’s work ethic, application of real life skills, and the opportunity to meet others. The impacts of volunteer work in school’s on the volunteer can bring about an influence in one’s mental well-being and health. The happiness effect explains the relationship between volunteers and happiness. When researchers at the London School of Economics examined the relationship between volunteering and measures of happiness in a large group of American adults, they found the more people volunteered, the happier they were (Segal and Robinson 1).

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As shown in the study, volunteering correlates with emotions in the volunteer and increases one’s mood. There is also a positive correlation with volunteering and its effect on stress, anger, and anxiety (Segal, Robinson, 3). Volunteering proves to be beneficial for everyone involved and the effects it has on the individual volunteer are imperative for living a healthy and successful lifestyle. Courtney Malahias, a school teacher at Snipes Academy, denotes that volunteering in schools provides the volunteer with a sense of purpose and being. For a lot of schools that lack resources and are on the lower end of public schools, volunteers feel very satisfied with what they can provide and the attention that they give and receive back does not go unnoticed, says Malahias.

Mental health is extremely important for any person, so the fact that volunteering can provide all of these things while boosting their mentality is extremely impressive. The benefits of these should be fully taken advantage of and all of these things can be brought onto the volunteer while helping others and making a simple contribution. Volunteer work also has the capability of providing job experience to the volunteer and further their education. Depending on what career of interest the volunteer prefers, they can find a large amount of opportunities to find volunteer work in that specific area.

You can experience the real world through hands-on work. And you can explore your major or career interests at the same time (Volunteering: How Helping Others Helps You).

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