The Belief In Supernatural

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The Belief in how supernatural and in the devilr’s practice of giving certain humans witches the power to harm others arose in Europe in the 14th century. The Salem Witch trials began in 1692 when a group of girls in village of Salem, Massachusetts, where claimed to be possessed by the devil. The theories for the mass hysteria and the accusations of Witchcraft were because of fungus poisoning.

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Samuel Parises girls suffered from a condition coming from ergot which was a type of fungus found in grains. This lead to the rise of the belief that there was evil and witchcraft going on in the village of Salem.

Samuel Paris and his family arrived in 1689 to the Salem village coming from London being merchants and being puritans. During this time in England Puritan, whose origins lay in a late sixtine century reform movement within English protestantism , were by the 1650s divided into many fractions, but all believed that bishops, The mass, and all other remnants of Roman catholic worship had to be purged from english pulpist(Hoffer 9) they came seeking wealth and being able to practice religion . Samuel Parisses daughters Betty and Abigail, Williams began to act strange and they talking incoherently leading people to believe they were witches, and along with the nonsense they were making Parris had two Caribbean Indian slaves Tituba And John . One of the slaves baked a cake and were accused of it bewitching them with the cake Tituba made. Betty told her parents that Tituba, Sarah Good and Sarah Osborn had been approached by the devil when they said no the witches began their assault.

The first woman to have been executed during this time was Bridget Bishop. She stood out amongst most women during her time because of how many times she had married. In total she married 3 times and widowed twice. Her first marriage was a man named samuel wesselby the importance of this marriage was because he was the one who brought her to the newly colonized america. The second man she married was Thomas Oliver who already in fact a widower who had children of his own. The two had frequent fights that brought in the attention of the authority. Oliver physically abused bridget as her face had bruises. Eventually he died and accusations to her began about her being a witch.His two children claimed that their father died because her mother had used witchcraft on him. The people of salem accused her of attacking them and to the killing of their children and pets disappearing .She eventually faced a judge and her verdict was not guilty. The women in the courtroom began arguing with the judge to reconsider their verdict and a week later the jury indeed changed their minds and declared the nurse guilty .

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