The Beatles’ Legacy

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Beatlemania and the British invasion, two terms used to describe the profound way people from the United States and rest of the world felt about the Beatles. The Beatles, the greatest musicians of all time left a legacy that has been incomparable for around half a century.

Prominent in the sixties, the popular rock band produced thirteen albums in less than ten years. The two hundred plus songs they created during this time period contained dozens of hit records, many of which can be heard traveling the radio waves to this day.

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However, the Beatles were not always multi million dollar-worth superstars travelling the world. Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr were all born in Liverpool England during a three year span from 1940-1943. Ringo Starr was actually born Richard Starkey but then changed his name to something more appealing. The name Ringo came from a large golden ring that he would always wear and Starr was a condensed play on his last name.

In the summer of 1956, at the young age of sixteen, John Lennon and a few of his classmates at Quarry Bank Grammar School in Liverpool decided to form a band. They named their band the Quarrymen and began to perform ar St. Peter’s Woolton Parish Church in 1957. During this time, Lennon was introduced to a fellow musician named Paul McCartney. Paul was only fifteen, but immediately became friends with John and soon after was invited by John to join the Quarrymen.

The next year, as the band continued their performances and picked up a little steam, they expanded once again. George Harrison was recruited (also at the age of fifteen).

Lennon, who had been attending the Liverpool College of Art convinced a classmate Stuart Sutcliffe to join the band in 1960. After he joined, the four artists decided to change their name from the Quarrymen to the Silver Beetles. However the name didn’t stick long as it was promptly changed to the Silver Beatles (with an ea instead of an ee).

In the summer, the Silver Beatles picked up their new drummer Pete Best. They also changed their name again as they shortened it to just the Beatles and kept on performing at different small venues and clubs, displaying their enthralling mix of folk rock music around England

The group of five musicians traveled to Hamburg Germany shortly after acquiring Best. In Hamburg, the Beatles performed at several different clubs including the Kiaserkeller and the Indra clubs. After their first trip, they went back four more times from 1960-1962. It is said that during these long mini tours, they discovered their collective musical identity and the sound that made them so unique.

After returning from their first trip to Hamburg,

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