The Background To Change Business Essay

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Penneys stores are operating only in the Europe with 200 stores. Penneys stores of Primark are famous for producing all type of dresses to all type of age group. Demand for the dresses generally remains as a solid growth rate across the world.

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Irrespective of the demand and supply, irrespective of business cycles this industry grows slowly in multiple markets. Penneys products are men wear, women wear, children wear. From the date of inception Penneys expanded its market operations across the Europe continent. It limited its business operations to this region only. During the years of journey in this business Primark got wide reputation and acceptance across the nations and market. Through quality and reliable dress models Primark got good name from the market. Primark launched its new stores in many Europe nations since all the cultural and social environmental factors are similar to the other countries. Because of social, cultural, political, legal, economical and geographical factors are same and similar in many factors dressing habits of the people living in these regions looks same. So Primark is successful in improving the business opportunities in only in this region. Majorly with the similar characteristics’ in these countries, primary got good advantage in expand the operation from one country to another. Generally businesses work according to the changes in the market conditions; market forces impact the business operation at regular intervals. If a company fails to cater the needs of a group of target market customers then it cannot run the business in long run, business with rational decision making gives good market opportunities over the years. Economic conditions of the markets are changing in many types; markets are operating under several dominating forces. A wrong decision making adversely impacts the business revenues. Economic conditions in Europe continent has been changed in the recent economic crisis across the globe. Major companies in the world were suffered with great loss in terms of revenue and lost business opportunities. So, all these type reasons as a whole created a need to think about strategic decision making. These changes gives a chance to boost the sales from new markets, change the decision making structures and processes, and also change in the management policies can give good chance to improve the market share of Primark. If all the suggested solutions for the company are implemented then company can expect a great change in generating more profits for the company and can increase the chance of producing employment to the unemployed professional across the old and new markets. Introduction to change in organizations 3-4 lines About organizational theories 4-5 lines Explain Classical Scientific School of thought by fedric Taylor. Drivers which caused to think about this organizational theory both internal and external factors Explain Scientific School of Human Relationship Drivers which caused to think about this organizational theory both internal and external factors Explain Systems Approach Input-Process-Output Drivers which caused to think about this organizational theory both internal and external factors Explain Contingency approach Drivers which caused to think about this organizational theory both internal and external factors

Theoretically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of bureaucratic organizations

Famous management scholar Max Weber had given the ideal structure of bureaucratic organizations with clear set of principle that it should have.

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