The Autobiography of Malcolm X

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Malcolm Little was born in Omaha, Nebraska in 1925. His father, Earl, was a Baptist preacher and was targeted by white supremacists. Earl had 6 children, he abused all of them except for Malcolm because he was the lightest skin out of 6 siblings.

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Being light skin gave you the upper advantage to not be treated as badly as a dark skin person. Malcolm had a rough childhood, he experienced racial discrimination at an early age when his family moved to Michigan and shortly after their house was burned down by a white supremacist group. Ever since Malcolm was a child he had a dream of becoming a lawyer. In Junior high, Malcolm moved in with his sister who lived in Boston. Malcolm met a black woman named Laura while he was dancing at a club. Though he has an emotional attachment to her, he leaves Laura to pursue a white woman named Sophia and ends up dating her. He utilizes his association with Sophia to get away from the racial exploitation of his childhood by becoming an enforcer of racism himself. He dated her to represent himself better around his associates in Boston. Malcolm’s goal was to take the power back that was extracted from him in Michigan. His childhood consisted of economic instability, racial oppression and inner generation trauma. Domestic violence and systematic violence was reflecting a particular community, his father’s behavior was surrounding the violence that happened to him.

One of the problems Malcolm faced was the media attacking him. In 1957 Malcolm founds Muhammed Speaks, became the Nation of Islam’s own newspaper and a few years later the nation received harsh criticism from the media. Malcolm represented Muhammad on radio stations, TV, and colleges. He received numerous letters from people 95% of the letters were from white people ( CH.15). A few letters were categorized in the Dear Nigger X or the death threat category ( CH.15). Malcolm tried to get away from all the racial discrimination when he was living with his family, once Malcolm converted to the nation of Islam and began to make his presence racial prejudice trailed him. Malcolm and his group wanted to integrate into the community and they were called ‘fascists’ for trying to voice their views on slavery. One of the motives Muhammad had was to spread the notion of acceptance for black people in the community. All Mr. Muhammad is doing is trying to uplift the black man’s mentality and the black man’s social and economic condition in this country ( 245).

Malcolm X fought against violence, resistance and racial oppression. Domestic violence and systematic violence is reflecting a particular community, his father’s behavior was surrounding the violence that happened to him. The author is addressing the problem of human rights,

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