The Attack on Pearl Harbor

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The 7th of December marked the day that President Franklin Roosevelt described as the date which will live in infamy, the Japanese attacked the U.S naval base in Hawaii Pearl Harbor without warning. The devastating assault resulted in many American casualties that turned the citizens of America furious and that was reflected in the president’s declaration of war against Japan. The unforgettable day in 1941 in which Pearl Harbor was attacked affected the country’s participation in the second World War, and the patriotic spirit of every American.

The merciless Japenese military attacked and bombed the great base in Hawaii known as Pearl Harbor exactly 77 years ago on the 7th of December in 1941. Pearl Harbor was America’s Gibraltar of the Pacific, the acting home port for the Pacific fleet (Parrish). The Japanese target, Pearl Harbor was thought to be an impregnable fort capable of withstanding any and all attacks that could be made against it. Pearl Harbor was made to be the stronghold of the United States, a title that intrigued many nations that were opposed to the U.S, but was only a target to the Japanese. The Japanese planes attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941, killing thousands and wreaking havoc across the United States’ naval and air fleets (Depression). The attack was unforeseeable and America was not prepared to defend itself against the flurry of Japanese fighter planes.

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Casualties were over 2,400 American deaths with more than 1,100 wounded, alongside 23 ships and other water vessels that were damaged or sunk and around 188 destroyed Japanese aircrafts. The nation was filled with hatred as the news of Pearl Harbor came, and as President Roosevlt called it a date which will live in infamy (Depression). Ever since, The United States has continued to honor the fallen warriors of this merciless attack that impacted everyone living in the country from children to elderly. Japan’s allies, Germany and Italy, declared war on The States, the next day after the attack and americans shouted Remember Pearl Harbor as they fought on in World War Two, leaving the past behind and uniting together as one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all (Parrish).

After the attack, President Franklin Roosevelt received the Congress’ approval to join the war. America tried to maintain a stance of neutrality and only committed to supplying Allied forces, but when the Japanese bombs hit, an unwanted beast, furious and lusting for revenge was awakened. The declaration passed with only a single dissenting vote (America). Most citizens lusted for revenge and felt its necessity, and support of the nation going to war was widespread across the country. I don’t think it was American weakness that put us in World War Two;

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