The Arvin Framework Measuring An Enabling Environment For Csos International Law Essay

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CSOs have a vital role to play in promoting community development. Some of these roles are encouraging general public consensus, promoting reforms and working on poverty reduction, help building common ground for understanding, and promote cooperation between public and private sectors and helps in giving a voice to the poor and marginalized groups in society, provide ideas and innovative solutions to meet the challenges of development; provide professional expertise and services, particularly areas suffering from post-conflict situations or humanitarian crises; and many other roles. There are certain conditions must be present for CSOs to develop capacity and perform these roles.

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These conditions promote the growth of civil society and enhance their ability to participate in dialogue on policy and program implementation. There are many systems to measure the capability and effectiveness of CSOs. One methodological tool that achieves a high level of integration is ARVIN, a tool developed by the World Bank’s Participation and Social Engagement Group, and already applied in a number of countries in Latin America, Asia, and Africa. The acronym ARVIN stands for a measurement system that looks at civil society capacity with an emphasis on civic engagement, social accountability, service delivery and the factors that influence the effectiveness and sustainability of CSOs (World Bank, 2007; Anheier, 2007). It can be applied to specific foci such as culture, and adapted to fields as arts education. This tool defines four dimensions that should be taken into consideration in assessing the environment for CSO capacity: the legal and regulatory framework, the political and governance context, the socio-cultural characteristics, and the economic conditions in a given country. Through measuring the freedom of citizens to associate, the CSO ability to mobilize resources to fulfil their objectives, their ability to formulate and express opinion, their ability to exercise voice and the existence of spaces and rules of engagement for negotiation, participation and public debate. The ARVIN framework designed to assess enabling environments for civic engagement examine and describe conditions such as policy and regulatory provisions, political processes, socio-cultural and economic factors in order to find answers for the extant of NGOs to fulfil its functions and achieve its goals as an agent in the development process, what are the different kind of conditions necessary for NGOs to work and sustain such as regulations, policies, financial resources and other institutional factors and what Actions can be taken to improve conditions for civic engagement. In this research I will use the ARVIN framework in order to measure the enabling environment for Arts NGOs working in Egypt to understand the extent of the effectiveness and usefulness Arts NGOs projects implementation in Egypt.

Chapter one

The legal restrictions to civil society organizations- Key obstacles to free association

When considering the challenges that CSOs experience as a result of government policies and regulations,

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