The Analysis of An Organizational Behavior

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Organizational Behavior

Problem causational assessment is an assessment that is done to determine what caused acertain problem and how it will be resolved. It is an important aspect of management where conflicts have come up. When there are conflicts, the productivity of employees is affected, and this leads to poor performance. It affects any business or institutional negatively; this is because the employeeslose focus of the institution’s goals and focus on each other (Kinicki & Fugate 2015).

This is an analysis done on a case that took place in a given institution. The problem causation assessment will be conducted to attempt and resolve the crisis that faces the institution. In every given institution, employees come together to work to wards a common goal of the institution. In this case, the employees areunable to get along with each other and end up creating a hostile working environment and poor communication (Kinicki & Fugate 2015).

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The cause of their lack to work together and formation of cliques hence they could not have a teamworkspirit. They let their differences come in between their working.

They lettheir attitudes and personalities interfere with their work hence affecting howthey dealt with their client. They ended not having job satisfaction.


The source of the problemwas the employees who had created a gap between themselves, formed cliques, refused to communicate with each other and created a hostile environment forworking. The manager did not pay attention to the working of the employees and their communication which ended up making the situation worse with every passing day.

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