The American Revolution

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The Revolutionary War

America’s freedom did not come easily. Americans were neglected and troubled by Great Britain. Something had to change. Something sparked rebellion. They couldn’t stand it any longer: America needed freedom from Britain. America started a rebellion. Some merchants started smuggling goods from other countries to avoid paying Britain. Britain wanted to tax America and Americans had to rebel in some way. America was getting anxious: they started a major war.

This is how America would fight, fight for their rights. Many battles were fought and many troops died; they persisted, persevered until they got what they wanted. Eventually America pulled through and defeated Great Britain. Now America had their hard earned freedom. Their democracy was much different from the monarchy they were forced to serve in. America had fought and battled for a long time to get what they wanted; they smuggled tea to hurt British tea companies, started one of the biggest wars in history, and eventually persevered to get what they deserved.

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This desire towards freedom got America thinking. They became aware of what Britain was doing. Britain enforced the Townshend acts: they taxed America for all British goods imported into America. These acts started causing America to lose money. Eventually, Britain removed all of the Townshend acts – except for the one on tea. Merchants started to smuggle tea from the Netherlands. This hurt the British tea company drastically. As a sign of rebellion to the Townshend act, Samuel Adams led a group of rebels all dressed up as Mohawk Indians. He led his group onto a British tea ship and dumped all of the tea overboard.

This particular event infuriated Britain. As a result, they placed the intolerable acts upon America. One act declared that the Boston harbor was to be closed until America paid for the damage and learned to respect Great Britain.

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