The American Revolution Is Not An Accurate

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The American Revolution is not an accurate name for what transpired in North America in the 1770’s to the 1780’s. A far more accurate name for what went down would be: The White American Revolution. The American Revolution in many ways reinforced the Patriot’s relationship and commitment of that relationship to slavery.

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That’s not to say that new ideas of liberty and equality were not surfacing as well, but in the pledge of allegiance to this new country, this so-called liberty and justice for all definitely came with terms and conditions – those conditions being that liberty and justice was only available to white Americans. If you differed from said conditions, sorry – liberty and justice were out of stock for the most part.

While The American Revolution brought about ideas of liberty and equality that were non-existent before, these ideals didn’t apply to everyone and in a lot of ways the Revolution accomplished the exact opposite when it involved African Americans and slavery. Going into the Revolution, African Americans knew that they would not be immediately given all of the rights of a free man. This is exemplified in Peter Bestes, Sambo Freeman, Felix Holbrook, and Chester Joie’s 1773 Letter to Local Representatives. They wrote this letter along with other slaves and in it, state that they were, very sensible that it would be highly detrimental to our present masters, if we were allowed to demand all that of right belongs to us for past services; this we disclaim. This statement shows that the slaves knew that going into the Revolution that things would be somewhat different for them.

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