The Ambitious Quests Frankenstein

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The Ambitious Quests Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is a novel encircling the struggles that accompany the quest for ambition. Walton is driven by the desire of discovering new lands, Victor is driven by the ambitions of creating new life, but most important of all, the creature is driven by the desire to be seen as an equal in society. Upon reading it the first time in tenth grade, I mostly noticed the drastic consequences of desire and how one’s life can be paved by their burning necessity to accomplish something.

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I enjoyed the novel quite a lot, but along with school work comes a lot of stress since there was a significant amount of reading. And along with that a multitude of assignments and projects. But in the end, they only helped me develop the skills necessary for the essay that we were assigned to write.

Last year, I chose to write my paper about the hardships of the monster to fit in, and his instances of denial by humanity to be seen as a physically and mentally alike person, leading to his acts of rebellion against humanity. Having burgeoned my knowledge of the wide perspective of features to notice in the text, I decided to read Frankenstein again because it can be very useful in making connections and writing essays on it, as it has a lot of complex and applicable aspects and details to it that I’ve noticed from my second read. Also, just the mere idea of creating life, dealing with monsters, and setting foot on journeys brings great interest and rapture to me. However, having read so many new texts since tenth grade, and learned so much more about Literature, specifically archetypes, my second experience with Frankenstein was filled with sincere alacrity.

AP Literature has enlightened me of the significance of archetypes, and now that I’ve read this novel again, I realize how many there are, scattered around it. The first of these is the portrayal of seasons. Whenever it is spring, Victor is depicted as happy, hopeful, and positively speaking of nature and life, as evident in the line spring advanced rapidly…my senses were gratified by a thousand scents of delight and a thousand sights of beauty (Shelley, 136). However, when it is winter, things fall apart and everything is described as wretched and gloomy. For example, both Victor’s peak illness and William’s death, falsely accused to Justine, occurs in winter. Frankenstein reveals that this whole winter…has been consumed in my sick room (65), foreshadowing the negative vibes of the season of winter.

Also, the death of his little brother meant everything to Victor, acting as the catalyst to everything that was to come later on in the novel. The role that season and weather play in this situation is very important as they clearly set the tone for the first death of the novel by the hands of the monster.

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