The After-Life of Slavery

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The After-life of Slavery

In the book beloved, we are introduced to many different characters the setting is after slavery to a home where Sethe lives in. Before Sethe moved to 124 home, she lived on the plantation sweet home. She escapes from the underground railroad by the help of a woman.

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Before, Sethe didn’t want to have her children go through slavery as she did. Throughout the book beloved, you see it focused on her older daughter, which she called “Beloved”. Throughout the book, you see the different relationships in the book to where you see the characters try to move forward after slavery. You will see how Beloved affected her life after slavery, making Sethe more emotional and guiltier through the time of her freedom. Firstly, in the first chapter in the book, you get a little background about the characters. We are introduced to Baby Suggs, which is Sethe mother-in-law. She is very sad after slavery because she lost all her children besides Halle. Baby Suggs doesn’t know where Halle is. Paul D is introduced. A friend of Sethe and Halle at the plantation Sweet home. We see a very deep connection and relationship with Paul D and Sethe.

When Paul D escape from sweet home the goes to 124. This was a friendly relationship he had with her. When Sethe was talking to her other daughter Denver. Denver asked what her mother was thinking about. Sethe told Denver she was thinking about the memories she has. Sethe seems to believe that the past will repeat itself. The one thing to see in the novel is how Sethe is trying to protect her children from the world. She thought killing Beloved was the best choice she has because she didn’t want her children going through a life of slavery as she did. Even though they are free Sethe tries to protect Denver in the same context by informing her that the past can repeat itself. Sethe is trying to move forward into freedom and wants her daughter to make the right decisions in the future. Also, Sethe way of relaxing was a place called “Clearing”. She takes Denver and Beloved with her. Before Baby Suggs became depressed. Sethe blames herself because she left Halle behind. She would cry and laugh to make herself feel better. She also wanted to love herself for who she was. This was Sethe way of moving forward to freedom with her Daughter Denver. To let go of all the things she didn’t love about herself and try to let them go in these moments.

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