The Affects of the Holocaust

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The Holocaust was a time in history that will never be forgotten. It was a time of sorrow and pain. The historical fiction novel Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly demonstrates how the Holocaust affected the lives of very different people. The three characters Caroline Ferriday, Kasia Kuzmerick, and Herta Oberheuser all live disparate lives during the Holocaust but each of them gets affected by it. People who lived through the Holocaust had their social, romantic and family lives affected poorly.

The years 1933 to 1945 were some of the most horrific years in world history. There were over 17 million deaths through these years and 6 million of those people were Jews. That time period was called the Holocaust. It was a time when humanity went out of control. During this period there were concentration camps overfilled with adults, teens and children working as hard as they can because if they showed weakness they had a very likely chance of being killed. And others were killed for no reason. Millions of people were shot, put into gas chambers, starved to death, suffered from illness and more. Leaving mountains of lifeless bodies piled up to get burnt to ash and then get disposed of.

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Adolf Hitler the leader of it all started off by taking rule of Germany when Germany was in an economic crisis. Germany during this period was called Nazi Germany and the Germans who were on Hitler’s side were called Nazis. Hitler’s rule soon escalated terribly, leading the creation many concentration camps and overcrowding them with thousands and thousands of jews from all around Europe. In the article The Article That Told The World About The Holocaust Hillary Kelly states the first inhabitants of the Warsaw Ghetto were placed in rail cars and deported to Nazi concentration camps less than six months later, the ghetto held only approximately 50,000 of the original 550,000 Jews. That means that 90% of the Jews were moved within six months, and that was just at one ghetto. This shows how brutal it was during the Holocaust. People were forced out of their homes leaving almost everything behind for the Nazis to steal and make money over, then forced to work.

Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly takes place during the holocaust and focuses mainly on three women, Caroline Ferriday, Kasia Kuzmerick and Herta Oberheuser. The novel is written in first person, however the narrator switches each chapter between the three main characters stated before. Caroline, Kasia and Herta have very different lives and this novel tells the story of how these girls come together despite their different lifestyles, Kelly’s novel is based off a true story, it mostly takes place in a concentration camp called Ravensbruck which was a real camp in Germany.This camp was very cruel,

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