The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: Huck and His Free Spirit

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn In the novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain writes about Huck and his free spirit. Whenever he falls in the care or presence of rules he wants out and he wants to leave. Twain proves that rules and order dont make sense to Huck and always leaves him asking why.

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Huck has trouble following rules and understanding how serious they are especially if he doesnt like them. While in the care of the widow who has all these rules Huck is exasperated at the number of rules he is needing to follow, as Huck explains The widow rung the bell for supper and you had to come to time. When you got to the table you couldnt go right to eating (Cite chapter and name). As we get to know Huck in these first chapters we realize that Huck believes that some rules are silly and just plain dumb to follow.

Huck feels like he can decide when to eat, he can decide when to pray, Huck may not agree with the widow, but he is not ill-mannered about her beliefs. Being a deep thinker Huck believes that rules can be dumb. Huck wonders about the difference between rules as dumb as that and then the rules that allow half of humanity to enslave and abuse the other half. Hucks friend Tom is also a rule follower, except his rules are about fiction. When talking with Huck, Tom explains How you talk Huck Finn. Why youd HAVE to come when he rubbed it, whether you wanted to or not (Cite name and chapter). After having this conversation with Tom, Huck decides to give it a try, after rubbing the lamp he realizes the rules are fake and are lies. Tom continues to try and coax Huck into thinking that if genies were real; they would follow the rules as well. Huck starts to make out the differences between the widows and societies arbitrary rules and another set of arbitrary rules, fiction. As Huck grows in the book he realizes the different types of rules; both are arbitrary, the widows/societies and then the ones about fiction and make-believe stories. At certain points in the book, Huck feels annoyed with the rules, some of them make him unable to do things that would benefit him or he just feels that the rules are weird or dumb as they may be could save his life one day.

As Huck goes on to talk about his father and the history they have together he mentions how Pap went to court to take me away with him. When Pap went to the court the widow went to court to take me away from him (cite chapter and name).

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