The Addams Family

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I recently had the joy of seeing the Addams Family play at the Candlelight Pavilion theater in Claremont, California. The play had humor, romance and mystery that kept the audience watching on the edge of their seats. I have gone to this theater before to watch plays when I was younger and when I found out they were doing the Addams Family, one of my favorite shows growing up I had to go.

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The story follows the Addams Family’s only daughter, Wednesday Addams, who falls in love with a boy she knows her family won’t approve of and his won’t approve of hers. Wednesday is a girl of darkness and her boyfriend Lucas comes from a “normal” family. The young couple is secretly engaged and only Gomez, Wednesday’s dad, knows of the truth. They know if her mom, Morticia, were to find out she would freak out and feel betrayed. Gomez struggles to keep the secret from his loving wife of 25 years because he has never kept any secrets from her before.

The play space took place on a gorgeous proscenium stage that was perfect for this type of play. This view was valuable for this story especially because there could be about 6-20 people on stage at a time. So, with this stage setup it made it easier to keep your view in the same direction rather than having to try to keep up with the cast. I sat on the terrace and had an incredible view and I walked down to the first floor where the view was just as good.

The director interpreted the play quite well, but at times the play came off as cheesy. It would falter from the seriousness and throw in a corny joke. The director, Chuck Ketter, did an impressive job with Uncle Fester’s cherished full moon glowing bright above and the Addams’ mansion in Central Park looking majestic with a pair of parallel Victorian-era staircases. The costumes, lighting and sound were dependable, and the costumes were practically exact to those of the TV show back in the 90’s.

The two actresses that really made this play come to life would have to be Amanda Minano who plays Wednesday Addams and the exquisite Erica Marie Weisz who portrays Mortricia Addams, Wednesday’s mother. The Addams family cast really brought the fact to life that they are bizarre and do not care what anyone else thinks about them because they are proud in who they are.

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