Thanksgiving And It’s Celebrating

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The holiday that I have chosen to write is about a North American holiday named “Thanksgiving.” Thanksgiving is one of America’s most cherished holidays and traditions. Whenever I heard about Thanksgiving, I always remembered as a family gathering that includes food and enjoyment, and joy of happiness is share among each other. This particular holiday attractive me to write an essay about it because I like the concept of making time for friends and family to share love and kindness, and also I appreciate what we already have. Everybody benefits as its a holiday of love and sharing. It’s a significant holiday particularly in Canada and USA where big markets and stores items and material are in sale offer for Thanksgiving. When I used to attend Sunday church classes, my pastor told me that “in 1621 the Plymouth colonist and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast that is acknowledged today as one of the first Thanksgiving celebrations.” People who are from the different ethnic group and belongs to the religious group will benefit from the knowledge I have as they will get familiar with holiday and what it meant to people who live in Canada and united states.

To find a source that I need I went to search my topic on the different website on google, but as I saw it as an unprofessional and trustless, I went to icollege as I was instructed by professor and by my mentors from the help center. I went to icollege where I went to library resources where I found a link for GALILEO website where I can search on my topic and found out numerous of link related to my question. To determine whether my sources and cited is for college-level academic research I check them on my subject my knowledge about this holiday increase more than I have excepted. I learned more stuff and event particularly about this holiday that I haven’t learned before for example; I was unknown about when was the official Thanksgiving holiday declaration was by Congress until I started researching about this holiday where get to learn about it.

Here is America where people from all around the world came with the hope of a better life.

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