Teenagers and Suicide

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What if you were so unhappy with your life that you believed it would be better if you disappeared? Everything you do feels like the wrong choice. You can’t seem to please yourself or anyone around you. Life is unbearable and you feel like you aren’t good enough.

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You want help, you want advice. You want someone to save you, but you can’t seem to speak the words that just might save your life. You’re driven to a corner, and the only solution you see, the only way out, is suicide. In the present, it seems that the number of youths that are depressed, hurting themselves and thinking suicidal thoughts are increasing. Youth suicide has slowly been crawling its way up the cause of death list and is now the third leading cause of death in youth from ages ten to twenty-four year olds (Washington State Department of Health Teen Suicide).

Youth suicide is a growing social problem that needs to be brought to attention before any more young lives can be taken. Suicidal behavior is thinking or acting towards your own death. Wanting to die, or attempting to take your life is suicidal behavior. Every year, approximately 4,600 young lives are taken because of suicide (Washington State Department of Health Teen Suicide). Even more youths attempt suicide and survive and survive than those who were actually lost. Every year about 157,000 youths between ages ten and twenty-four receive medical care for self-inflicted injuries (Washington State Department of Health Teen Suicide). The top three ways youth attempt to commit suicide is firearms, such as guns, suffocation and poisoning. Boys are more likely than girls to die from suicide, though girls are most likely to report attempting it. Of the number of suicidal deaths nationwide in youth 10-24, 81% were boys and the remaining 19% were girls (Washington State Department of Health Teen Suicide). There is even a difference in suicide amongst different races. In a nationwide survey of grades 9-12, in public and private schools, Hispanic youths were more likely to attempt suicide than their black and white peers (Washington State Department of Health Teen Suicide). There are many things that can cause a teen to want to commit suicide. The most common, is depression.

Every day, depression leads teens one more step closer to suicide. Depression is actually classified as a mental illness, so it’s important to get it addressed. Warning signs of depression are: feelings of sadness, hopelessness, or isolation, declining school performance, loss of pleasure in social or athletic activities, sleeping too little or too much, changes in weight or appetite, nervousness, agitation, being irritable, or substance abuse (University of Rochester Teen Suicide). Other factors of teen suicide are: having a history of previous suicide attempts, family history of suicide,

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