Technology and Faith in the Modern Era

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Technology and Faith are two concepts that are ever present in our lives and in the modern era are seemingly placed in opposite corners of reality. Technology is being used to spread some of the knowledge and wisdom of Faith to all corners of the globe, while at the same time it is being used to spread the virus of hate to these same corners of the world. Why do we view these two ideals as opposing each other? What effect has Technology had on our minds when searching for answers? Has the promise of instant data led us to seemingly insurmountable mountain range of devolving rhetoric and fear/hatred of the Other? Has Technology opened our third-eye in this search and simply made us more doubtful of the answers that we are given?.

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From the creation of Facebook to the creation of the cloud, advances in technology are proceeding at a pace heretofore unseen. For all the impact of the Gutenberg printing method, the PC has created monumental changes in our lives and even with the way that our religions are practiced. Mobile devices have gotten the acclaim for provoking social change in various countries which rein from the Arab Spring in the Middle East, the growing impact of the #MeToo moment to the more hidden growth of the megachurch. These mobile devices are eliminating brick and mortar stores and that affect can be seen with the idea of the traditional church with it set hours of worship. Now, people can turn to the YouVersion Bible app and read the Bible from different interpretations at a moment’s notice. This decline in church membership changes how the youth experience religion. Most do not understand that the religious experience was never just about the worship of a supreme being, but it was more about the communal effort of experiencing the here and now with a group of like-minded individuals.

The struggle in the next decade will be how to organize religion while achieving the social benefits that are found from real life interactions from attending a place of worship. Can we replicate this experience with a virtual session? Can we find peace within the confines of an app? The virtual space can be effective with people that have a solid foundation with their faith. The most recent technological marvel that attacked religion has been coopted in ways that no one predicted. The Television. The television was labeled with the same negative aspersions we discuss with our mobile devices. It dehumanized the family structure. It ruined attention spans. People would rather stay home rather than go out. All of these have been said about the Internet and Social Media and the same messages were said about TV. Can we even imagine Christianity without Jim Bakker,

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