Technological Innovations In The Banking Industry And Their Effects On Performance Finance Essay

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In recent times, the emergence of Information Technology has been incorporated into the Banking Industry. This advent of Information Technology (IT) has propelled a noticeable change in the Banking Sector. Information Technology (IT) to all computer based information systems used by an organisation and their underlying technologies (Langdon and Langdon, 2006) Information Technology systems are revolutionising the operations of firms, industries and markets.

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Langdon and Langdon also defined an IT system as a set of interrelated components that collect (or remove), process, store and distribute information to support decision making, coordination and control. It also helps managers and workers to analyse problems, visualise complex subjects and create new products. IT is one of the most important tools along with the innovations in organisations and management. Research has shown the investment in IT plays a critical role in increasing the productivity of firms (Zhu et a l, 2004 The business world is in the midst of a networking and communication revolutions driven by the growth of internet, internet based technologies, new business models and processes that leverage the new products.

Banking Trends Worldwide

Over the past decade, service organisations including commercial banks have been driven by such trends such as advancements in technology and deregulation to enhance their distribution channels. Technology in Banking can mainly be found in the form of computer based applications and information technology. Currently, delivery trends in banking include, PC Banking, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Managed networks, TV-Based, Automated Teller Machines(ATM), Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale(EFTPOS) etc.

Importance of Technology in Banking

A number of studies have concluded that IT has significant positive effects on bank productivity, cashiers’ work, banking transactions, bank patronage as well as its service delivery thus a positive effect on growth of banking. (Balachandher et al, 2001: Hunter, 1991) It has also been said that, technology enables banks to reduce costs, i.e., reduction of operating labour cost, cost of collecting, storing and processing information fall and interest expense is more competitive because technology enables banks to access liabilities more cheaply. Also, technology enable banks to serve their customers better and faster (convenience of having 24 hour access to ATMs, internet banking and telephone banking) and also it enables banks have diverse banking products. Finally, technology enables banks increase revenue and capture new markets by offering broader array of services and doing banking business worldwide. Technology is the is the key to quality service in banking.

Statement of the problem

Top management in the Banking Industry invest in Information Technology with the expectation will result in higher productivity and/or provide the bank with a stronger market presence and related competitive advantage.

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